How To: SBD Relaying

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Iridium SBD relay requests are sending using an HTTP POST to the URL format:

These HTTP POSTs must include the following fields:
keySBD KeyStringThe SBD Key that was setup for the customer. This identifies the customer making the request.
imeiIMEIStringThe IMEI of the device to receive the SBD message.
messageidMessage IdentifierIntegerThe unique message identifier to associate with the SBD message. This identifier should be unique across your SBD messages.
messageMessageString (Base 64 encoded)The binary SBD message you wish to send as a base-64 encoded string.

Successful submissions will return an HTTP status of 200 and include debugging information text.

Submissions that error will return a non-HTTP status of 200 and provide text describing the error, such as which input parameters are missing.

Sample Submission Form

<form action="" method="post">
<div><label for="key">Client key:</label></div>
<div><input type="text" id="key" name="key" /></div>
<div><label for="messageid">Message Id:</label></div>
<div><input type="text" id="messageid" name="messageid" /></div>
<div><label for="imei">IMEI:</label></div>
<div><input type="text" id="imei" name="imei" /></div>
<div><label for="message">Message (base64 string):</label></div>
<div><textarea id="message" name="message" rows="5" cols="30"></textarea></div>
<button>Submit Message</button>